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Hi. Thanks for checking out my Web Site.
It's hard for me to believe that I've been in the VO Biz for almost 30 years now,
But I still love talking into microphones, and I'd like nothing more than to
do some of that talking on your behalf.

Please click on any of the 12 pictures below to hear some examples of my work.
(don't worry - none is over a minute and most are around :30)

To arrange for an audition or booking,
please call John or Dee Dee at JE Talent at 415/395-9475
or Vanessa or Ilko at TGMD at 323/850-6767.

Want more Joe?  
Click on these links to some other cool projects I'm involved with:

My dear High School friend Tim White and I are in the process of releasing our first CD,
inhale slowly
Luscious, cross-cultural musical soundscapes perfect for relaxation,
massage therapy, daydreaming, road-rage neutralization,
and the subtle enhancement of quiet spaces.
You owe it to your own well-being to have a copy of this unique Aural Experience.
Please do check it out at
Hey, why not beat the rush and become a fan of ours at

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For over 15 years, I've been improvising the music of The Future and The Pasture with
These Are Not My Hands
We've provided hundreds of hours of Spontaneous Compositions for
art projects, short films and our own enjoyment... no two alike.
Hear some amazing MusicSpew from James Carraway, David Cuetter, Mark Purvis,
Ed Holmes, Amanda Moody, and an ever-shifting line-up of Guest Digits.

*     *     *     *     *

Hey, Hippies - Here's some UltraGroovy News!
I'm DELIGHTED to be back singing with The Vanilla Extract again!
We're a totally Right-On choice if you're looking for a fine "dose"
of that "Psychedelic 60's" Musical "Experience".

*     *     *     *     *

Check out the Drum-Out™ website, devoted to a party Juline and I threw annually for 16 years
- when the ringing in my ears finally said "enough!"


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